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     Corps and Friends

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Alumni, Current Corps and Friends Donors


    Donations are cumulative, which allows donors to move into higher donor categories with subsequent donations.  

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1992

     Donors who made a donation prior to December 31, 2007, received the special, permanent designation as a Charter Member of the Foundation.

     Special thanks to all Charter Members whose early contributions guaranteed the successful launch of the endowment.  Charter Members are identified with an asterisk (*) next to their names.


Associates ($150)

Thomas DeRose (Fifer, 1979)*

William Parks (Fifer, 1996)*

Alan Sherman (Fifer, 1965)*

James Teal (Drummer, 1958)

Corporal Associates ($300)

Sergeant Society ($500 or three year pledge of $170 per year)

Maynard H. Benjamin (Drummer, 

Vy. Rev. Andrew F.L. Bradley (Fifer, 1961)*

Ryan Carey (Fifer, 1988)*

JP Cottingham (Fifer, 1960)*

Rodney (Drummer, 1970) and Judy Edmondson*

Carter Hammond (Fifer, 1991)*

Robert B. (Drummer, 1961) and Susan Myers*

Mark Perry (Drummer, 1981)*

Mark Riemer (Fifer, 1963)*

Robert Berry (Drummer, 1964)

Eric (Fifer, 1993) and Rachel Johnston

Stuart (Fifer, 1960) and Debbie Spirn

Harold B. Gill (Fifer, 1974)

Jeff Golding (Fifer, 1971)

John Warren (Fifer, 1972)

Fife Sergeant/Drum Sergeant Society ($750 or three year pledge of $255 per year)

Blair (Fifer, 1972) and Judith Miller*

Paul Vosteen (Fifer, 1975)* 

David Mitchell (Fifer, 1989)

Daniel Mitchell (Fifer, 1995)          

Sergeant Major Council ($1,000 or three year pledge of $350 per year)

Gregory Force (Fifer, 1967)*

Robert Helwig (Drummer, 1985)*

Tom Jenkins (Drummer, 1963)*

Ken Johnston (Fifer, 1967)*

Greg Kyte (Fifer, 1965)*

Walter Eric McDonald (Drummer, 1975)*

Mike Moyles (Drummer, 1963)*

In memory of our beloved brother, Tommy Williams (Fifer, 1972), by his sisters,
        Debbie Williams Cartwright,
        Donna Williams Colleran,
        Nancy Williams Russell,
        and Beth Williams Wigley

John Harbour (Fifer, 1958)

Fife Major/Drum Major Council ($2,000 plus or three year pledge of $700 per year)

Bill Casterline (Fifer, 1965)*

Larry Fentriss (Fifer, 1965)*

Drew Morin (Fifer, 1972)*

Dr. Jon J. Buriak (Drummer, 1963)



     All Alumni of the Corps are grateful for the support they received from their families and friends, both while they were in the Corps and later.  The Friends category can be used by any persons or organizations wishing to donate to the scholarships.  This category can also be used by family and friends to honor current members of the Corps, family members, persons associated with the Corps over the years, alumni and deceased members and alumni.

We Are Grateful To The Following Friends Of The Foundation


Jeff and JoAnne Coy
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Parks
Williamsburg, Virginia

Paul S. Ryczak
Fairfax, Virginia

Col. William H. Casterline
Williamsburg, Virginia

Thomas and Zoe Ann Graves
Williamsburg, Virginia
In honor of Ben Rendleman

In memory of my parents
Walter G. and Betty McDonald
by Walter Eric McDonald

Peggy, Chip and Jim Bowen
Darnestown, Maryland

In memory of my parents
Walter and Muriel Buriak
by Dr. Jon J. Buriak

Anne and Nick Nicastro
Williamsburg, Virginia

In honor of our sons
David (Fifer, 1989) and
Daniel (Fifer, 1995)
by Ken and Brenda Mitchell

Cleve & Debby Corlett
Williamsburg, Virginia

In honor of Richard R. Buriak (Fifer, 1962)
by his brother Dr. Jon J. Buriak

In memory of Ray Townsend
by his daughter Laura Townsend

Mrs. Mary Humelsine
Williamsburg, Virginia

Henry F. Holloman
Fairfax, Virginia

The Reverend Canon George Aldrich 
Cincinnati, Ohio

Lent & Hawthorne, P.C.
Williamsburg, Virginia

F. Dale Kasparek, Jr.
Williamsburg, Virginia

John B. Whitley
Los Angeles, California

In memory of my parents
Helen and John W Harbour, Jr.
by John Evans Harbour

In memory of my parents
Thomas and Evelyn Moyles
by Mike Moyles

In honor of 
Nathan Egloff (drummer, 1997) and Joshua Egloff (drummer, 2001)
by their parents,
Nancy and Keith Egloff

Mr. and Mrs. David Mason
Williamsburg, Virginia

In honor of the wedding of
Pete Berquist (fifer, 1988) & Amy Cadge
Cleary-Burns, LLC
South Euclid, OH

In honor of the wedding of
Pete Berquist (fifer, 1988) & Amy Cadge
Sarah Batchelor
Williamsburg, VA





































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