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Bryce Corlett

Drum Section Leader
Drum Sergeant

Bryce entered the Corps in 2000 while in the fifth grade at DJ Montague Elementary School.  He was a regular Junior Corps instructor.  As Drum Section Leader he marched in front of the drum section.  In 2008, he also was awarded the Tommy Williams Award, which is the only award in the Corps voted on by the entire Corps.

His memorable trips and performances include:
     Fort Ticonderoga , NY
     Lexington and Concord
     Boston , MA
     The Godspeed trips
     The Basel Tattoo, Basel, Switzerland

Bryce graduated from Lafayette High School where he was class treasurer for three years.  He also was a member of the National Honor Society and Math Honor Society.  Bryce currently attends Lehigh University where he plans to major in civil engineering and environmental science.














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